Integrated and adjustable reed limit switches
Up to 10.000N.

Linear Actuators


  • Direct Current

Designed for heavy duty applications thanks to oversized power transmission
High IP protection
Built-in breathing valve to avoid internal condensation
Full metal body actuator with stainless steel rod as standard
All metal components are galvanic protected
Integrated and adjustable reed limit switches
Built-in encoder without affecting the standard overall dimensions

Max thrust Push/Pull
Max speed
10000 4
8000 7
6000 14


  • DC Motors 12÷24÷36 V
  • Standard protection IP65
  • Duty cycle S3 10% based on 10 min.
  • Operating temperature -10C° ÷ +60C°


• Encoder

• Customizable stroke and retracted length

• Various rear attachments available (0° and 90°)

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